Monday, August 29, 2011

Blog 1

When I first thought about creating a blog, I thought that I would run into some trouble. When Prof. Yang told us in class that we had to do a blog, I thought for what reason. He continued on and told us about how technology is starting to play a bigger role in Physical Education now of days. The process of creating my blog went a lot smoother then I imagined it would. The steps were very simple. I didn't do much over my summer that helped me to become a better teacher. However, I did go camping often where I had children the ages of 8 and 10 with me. We went fishing and it really can relate to being a teacher. The children kept asking me to cast their line out in the water to fish. They would get pretty excited to catch the fish. I thought maybe they should learn to cast their own line. I had them engage in casting their own line out by showing them step by step and having them repeat the steps. They were soon catching their own fish by casting their own line. It felt very rewarding to them to catch the fish all on their own. Children will learn how to do things when a teacher is going to interact and make the activity fun for them. They will want to learn how to do it right, and when they finally do it right they are more pleased with the result. Prof. Yang had us walk around Park Center today to show us where his office is. He talked about how we were going to use technology in 201 this year.

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