Thursday, September 1, 2011

255 Surprise Lesson

This surprise lesson caught me off guard. I have to be honest that at first I was extremely nervous. I believe that a couple of things I did well was how i explained everything. I explained everything how I was taught to shoot a free throw. Another thing I did well was able to come up with a lesson off the top of my head. Sometimes as a teacher you will get thrown curve balls. I was able to handle it and put together a lesson fast.

Besides some of the things I did good, I believe there are some things I could improve on. One thing was to talk louder. I was not talking over my peers when they were playing the game. They would never get better if they couldn't hear me with what they were doing wrong. Another thing is I was more focused on the camera rather then on my students. They are the ones I am teaching, and not the camera. One last thing I could improve on is getting involved with the game. They would learn better if I was to hop in the game with them. Instead, I let them play the game alone and stood there. I need to become engaged in the activity with my students, and help them to improve the lesson.

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