Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dodgeball in Schools

Today, Prof. Yang asked us if we thought if dodgeball was acceptable in schools. I said no, dodgeball should not be played in schools. So then I had to go research what other people said. To my surprise, the National Association for Sports and Physical Education (NASPE) said that dodgeball is not acceptable for k-12 school physical education programs. For what reason does NASPE say dodgeball is not acceptable. Well physical education programs should provide students with skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to be physically active for a lifetime. It should also have a daily dose of physical activity for health benefits. Lastly physical education programs should provide students with positive experiences so children want to be physically active outside of class, and throughout their lifetime.

NASPE says that all children should participate actively in class, this includes both physically and mentally. Games like dodgeball provide limited opportunities for everyone in class, but especially for the slower ones, and less agile students who need the activity the most.  This causes students who are eliminated first, are usually the ones who are slower, and need more practice on their skills. These students also usually have lower amount of confidence in their physical skills. Being targets because the child is weaker, does not help to develop confidence. While most kids who do like dodgeball are usually, the more skilled and confident kids. There are some kids who hate dodgeball. Students do not like being hit in the head by a hard or soft ball. It is not right to teach our kids that you win, but hurting another student.

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