Friday, September 16, 2011

Fundamental Skill Development

Fundamental skill development is very important in the world of physical education. It is important that at a young age, us as the physical educators are able to help the children create fundamental skills. These skills include stability, locomotor, or manipulative movements.

When we want children to be working on the stability movements, this means that we want the students to be working on non-locomotor skills. We want students to be able to maintain balance when they are going against the force of gravity. This means that us as teachers want to see our students able to to reach for something, turn their hips, or lift and carry something with them. This is the basis to children being able to improve their fundamental skills. 

The next skill that the physical educators should be teaching their students is locomotor skills. These skills include the students being able to transport their body either horizontally or vertically from one spot to another spot. Some of the skills that they should be able to perform is jumping, running, or hopping. They are able to successfully bring their body from one spot to another spot without falling down.

The last skill that children should be developing is the manipulative skills. The child should be able to do gross motor manipulation. The child should be able to move a object through force, or should be able to receive that force from the object that was thrown at them. A child at this stage should be able to throw and catch a baseball. They should also be able to kick a soccer ball, and be able to play the game of soccer in the correct way. The children should also have fine motor manipulation. This means that the child should be able handle a object with control, and precision. This might include tying their own shoe laces, or cutting something out with a pair of scissors.

While we are teaching them most skills for the child's life, we need to remember another set of skills kids need to develop.  We must remember that we are also teaching the motor, cognitive, and affective domains. The motor domain is responsible for movement, that includes the skills I talked about above. This is to help kids be healthy, and continue to exercise. The cognitive domain helps to improve the child's memory through physical activity. The affective domain helps to improve the child's social life among their peers.

Assessing these skills is very important for not only us, but the students. It is important for us as the educator, because many of our jobs are being cut. School districts are taking physical education out of schools. Many children are going without these skills. They are starting to be caught up with technology, and are not spending much time outdoors.There are many organizations who push for a quality education in our schools. One is the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance. (AAPHERD). The other is National Association for Sports and Physical Education. (NASPE). The YMCA is another spot that pushes for a health lifestyle for children, and they even include facilities for the children to go to improve their skills.

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