Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lab A2

Going back to the future, and teaching for a second time was less nerve racking then the surprise teaching. This was a big stepping stone in teaching for me. When I was watching my video, I realized that I did somethings well, and somethings weren't so good. The first thing I did well was overall my lesson was pretty planned out. Even though there was no equipment, the lesson went as planned. Another thing was while I was talking loud enough for everyone to hear me. This is very important to teaching students. The students must be able to hear you first, before they can start to learn. The last thing I did well was to make visuals. It was not required, but I made some anyways. This make it easier for the students to remember your lesson, and the information you are giving to them.

While I did somethings well, there will always be somethings that I didn't so well on. One thing I saw was that maybe my directions weren't so clear. I told my students to form two lines, and they got confused on how to form these lines, and where to face. This is not so good on me. If the students are having trouble just forming lines, then they are going to start to daze off because I have already lost them on one simple step. Another thing I did bad on was talked a little bit too fast. I have a tendency to speak fast. Now when I am flying by my words, it makes me start to stumble over my own words. Also, the children might miss something that I am trying to get across to them. I need to slow down, and make sure that every student understands what I am trying to tell them.

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  1. By gosh he's got it! Way to summarize your experience Steve and get your pics, vid and transcript done! Let's try to stay in the positive when it comes to constructive criticism - even if it is for yourself. All of these opportunities are real experiences that will help shape your teaching so that you can improve student learning.