Monday, September 26, 2011

St. Mary's.... Take 2

Today at St. Mary's was the first time we were able to lead the children on our own. What a difference a few weeks make. No more nerves, and a little bit of excitement. It was time to step up, and hit a home run. Today, we were going over basic motor skills such a run, gallop, and hop. Everyone had to have some kind of game in mind, and incorporate at least one, if not all three of these skills. Overall, I liked what I saw. I saw many kids were able to perform the skills correctly, and were smiling when they were doing them.

One of the things I was worried about, was the children wondering off and getting bored. Keeping lessons short, and to the point was the most important part. Many children started to leave groups, because they got bored of waiting so long. Many children also didn't listen well. When you would yell, they still wouldn't listen. I would defiantly yell louder next time we are at St. Mary's. Overall, it was a great day. I can't for lab 3 at St. Mary's!!!!

View my skill assessment here.

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