Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Teaching Physical Education

1)Teaching is a goal-oriented activity. The process doesn't mean anything if there is no clear goal that you want the student to learn. This means that you as a teacher will be asked what you want the students to learn based on what you do as a teacher. In order for teaching to become a goal-oriented activity, you must start with the curricular level. This means that you must follow the standards provide to you by the national, state, local level. The standards is expected that the teacher provide the students with skills, abilities, and be able to help them lead a physically active lifestyle. As physical educators we must be able to explain and defend the role that our program plays in schools. Many teachers in today's schools are not able to defend what goals they have for their programs. The type of goals that teachers should be outlining should be either in the psychomotor domain, affective domain, or cognitive domain. In psychomotor the teacher should be teaching motor skills and positive outcomes from fitness. The affective domain teachers should be helping the students to understand feelings, and attitudes towards others. Teachers should be teaching problem solving, and making the students able to transfer knowledge from one subject to another in the cognitive domain. However, to make sure that the teachers reach their goals, they should make sure that the goals are realistic, and the students are able to achieve these goals.

2) Movement task is very important to physical education. When the teachers first gives the instructions, this is when the movement task comes in. Movement tasks are motor activities that students should be able to relate to at any point in the lesson. Movement task are learning activities that are prescribed to the students from the teacher in direct or indirect ways. A teacher could ask you to hit a volleyball to a partner without making him or her move from their spot. As the student is doing the movement task, someone walking by should be able to understand what the teacher asked the students to do. After movement task, the students should be able to make organizational arrangements. This might mean that the teacher would send a student to get the equipment, and they will need to organize space for the activity.  It's up to the teacher to organize the students, space, and time for the task. This is important in physical education, because it shows that the leadership is on the teachers shoulders. After the teacher tells the students to go ahead, students will start practicing and/or working on the task.  When the students start to respond, it is up to the teacher to observe, and give feedback based on their performances. This is very important to physical education. This is the point where the teacher gives the student freedom to do the activity, however they start their teaching by telling the students what they can improve on, and what they are doing good on.

3)The relationship between teaching function and teaching skills is that teaching function help to develop teaching skills. All teachers should be able to plan and present task to their students. A teacher could welcome a student into a activity by an open invitation. This means the student is able to pick up the equipment and perform a physical task. The teacher then would observe the outcome of the student. Another way that the teacher could present a task or activity to get the student involved is bring in a video game system like the Wii. The teacher could now watch how the student reacts in this setting, and how comfortable they are with the task.

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