Friday, October 21, 2011

Giving a Fist to Lab C

For lab C, I decided to do the international game of Fistball. Fistball is a mix between Volleyball, and Tennis. When I first started to think of how to teach some of the skills of Fistball, I thought doing it all together. This made my planning to start a little messy. So I decided I was going to break down the lesson into just two simple skills. (Picking and Spiking)

There are many things that I thought I did well on. One thing I thought I did well on was, my use of technology. I decided I was going to make video, and put the cues inside the video. This way, when the students see the action they will be able to see the cues right away. I thought the video was a great idea. It helped my lesson to go along smoothly. Another thing that I thought I did well on was, how I was able to watch my class as a whole. Being a teacher, it is very important that you know what everyone is doing at every moment. You don't want to loose some students, or have other students misbehave. I did have a few students act out during my class, and I was able to fix it right when it started. Another thing I did good on was my instant activity. I made cards that had different exercises on them. This got the students moving right away, and they weren't going to repeat the same cards.

While there are good thing, you need to take the bad things with it as well. One bad thing I did was I rushed my words. This has been as problem with all of my labs so far. However, I do believe this one was different. I was so anxious to see everyone do the skills, and hopefully get to the game that I rushed it a little bit. In the past labs, I was just talking fast. This time I thought I took my time, but time was pushing me a little faster then what I wanted it. Another bad thing is how I deal with the students who are acting up. I gave the students plenty of warnings, and then I made one sit out. I don't ever want to have a student sit out. This would cause the students to loose physical activity. Instead, I could have asked the students to talk to me after class, or pull the student aside and talked to them privately.

Overall, I think Lab C went great. I am looking forward to teaching bowling for Lab D.

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