Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Partner Jump Rope

Lab B was about jump rope skills. Some people in class had to do single skills, while others had to teach skills that involve a partner. My activity was to teach the class how to use a partner, and jump one rope together. I focused my whole lesson on progression. I believe that some people in the class would be able to jump the rope with someone right away without any practice. However, I believed that it would be better for the whole class to progress into the lesson.

There are many things that I did well. I believe that my visuals was a plus for my lesson. I put the cues on one of my posters, and my other poster had pictures of what they should be doing. I belive another thing I did well was planning my lesson. I took a lot of time into this lesson, and I think that it paid off. I wanted to make sure everyone could jump the rope together, so I did mini activities to start the lesson. I had everyone work with their partner in timing their jumps. Once they got their timing down, they could then swing the rope but with no one in it. They finally were able to jump the rope together. I believe that filling out a lesson plan in advance of teaching my lesson helped me out a lot.

There are a few things I didn't do well on. The first part was I forgot to demonstrate the lesson. As a teacher you want to always demonstrate what you are going to be teaching. This way the students have a idea of what the lesson looks like. I forgot to demonstrate for my students. I skipped right over this part, because I was in such a hurry to see my lesson plan pay off and see my students do the activity. Another thing I did bad was how fast I talked. This has been a problem in all of my lessons. I need to slow down, and take a breather. Sometimes the students might not be able to catch everything I am saying. Maybe if I took my time, I wouldn't have forgot a demonstration. 

Overall lab B is done, and I think it was a huge step forward from lab A. I think it came out much better, and it was a success overall. 

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  1. Great job with your lesson! As you said a lot of planning went into it, and it showed, nice job.