Monday, October 31, 2011

Who Whoopied St. Mary's?

Happy Halloween St. Mary's!!! Today was a crazy day to go to St. Mary's. The kids were all wired up from what the night was going to bring them. But first, they had to get through the Cortland students. I knew that going into this lab, the kids were going to be crazy. I decided to get into the Halloween spirit, and dress up as a whoopie cushion. The kids loved this. They would come up, poke me and make the farting noise. 

My group had special projects where we would just walk around, and help to clean up. So we had the chance to hop in other group’s games. While we were playing many of the other games, the kids kept "I want to be on whoopies team" or "Over here whoopie". This made the game fun, and kept the kids involved in other people’s games. We did have to do a group song, and I led this for my group. I decided to do the Purple People Eater. This song went great, besides a couple of the chorus parts. I couldn't really hear the music, so it through me off on what everyone else should be doing. But it was good to see the students doing their best monster, Frankenstein, witch, ghost, and rock imitations. I had a lot of fun with the song, and you could tell the students enjoyed it as well. I had a lot fun this week at St. Mary's!!!

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