Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bowling our way to Lab D

For lab D, I was giving Bowling as my topic of teaching. At first I thought, what am I going to teach, and how will it last 20 minutes? We also had to tie in a health topic, and I had to tie Diabetes into my lesson. This showed to be a challenge itself. I didn't think there was anyway at all how I could tie Diabetes into my lesson. Once I started to for lab d, I started to think that maybe I could really make this work. 

When I started to plan for my lesson, I had to figure how to keep the students involved in my lesson, while teaching them about Diabetes at the same time. It came to me right away. I needed to tie in technology, but why not bring in the Xbox Kinect, and have the students use the Kinect as a reward. But, how could I reward them? What could I have them do? I came to conclusion that I was going to make Diabetes fact sheets for each table. At the bottom of each sheet, I put bingo questions. They had to read each sheet, in order to get the bingo questions right. Once the students were able to get bingo, they had to show me their card, where they would then get to bowl one frame on the Xbox Kinect. If they bowled a strike, they would get 2 extra points. A spare would reward them with 1 extra point. I believe this worked in a great way to tie in Diabetes, and technology. 

One thing that I think I did well on is how smoothly my lesson went. I made good visuals for the students to see. This way they would know the cues, and the rules of the class. I believe another thing I did well, was giving each student feedback. I tried to walk to everyone, and see how he or she was doing on the lesson. I wanted to make sure that they were doing the 4-step correctly. If they weren't I had to either demonstrate it again, or move closer to get the 4 steps in. I thought my Xbox Kinect was a great way to use technology in my lesson. Many students maybe didn't know what the Kinect really is. I think that no use of remotes, and all motion really got the kids into the use of my technology. I believed they enjoyed going to the Kinect, and bowling a frame. 

Sometimes you need to take the good with the bad. There are something’s that I see wrong with my lesson. I still tend to talk fast. I believe that this could be just the way I talk. I have taken great strides in slowing down when I talk, but I did to speak slower to make sure that all my students are understanding the material. Another thing I didn't do well is I didn't know where all my students were at all times. I tried to my best to survey my class, and know who is where. It was hard to give personal feedback, and still know what everyone else was doing. I didn't keep my eye on 2 students, and they ended up sneaking away from my lesson, and went down a few lanes and talked to a few guys who were bowling for their senior bowling league. When I was told about this at the end of my lesson, I was in shock but not too embarrassed. I saw the students asked the other guys for a few tips in bowling, and the guys looked to happily accept. 

Overall, I think Lab D went great! I believe all the planning, and countless hours finally paid off!!

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