Monday, November 14, 2011

Gobble, Gobble to St. Mary's

We are coming down the stretch at St. Mary's. We have just one more lab left after today. Today was thanksgiving theme, and my group worked with the Pre-K children. I went into lab today not knowing exactly what could possibly happen with kids who are so young. Other members of my group led either a craft, or brought in story to read. 

I took the role of creating a game for the Pre-K children. I found a great game called Let's Give Thanks! I thought the game went very well. I had the children act like turkeys, and kick balls into a circle. The balls represented apples, and they were creating apple pies with the balls. I thought that they did a great job kicking the balls in, and most of the time they stayed on track with the lesson. After I had them pick up the balls (potatoes), and put them in a circle (bowl). The children had to do a pounding motion of the ball to make it look like they were making mashed potatoes. They children loved doing the pounding motion of mashed potatoes. 
However, one thing a child told me caught my attention. This child told me during story time, that his father told him that college students are lazy. I asked him why he said that. The child went on to tell me, that it is because college students do nothing all day, they are still sleeping when the child goes to school, and college students sleep all day. I tried to tell the child that we go to class, and most of us have classes at 8 am. The child didn't really respond well to this, and still try to insist that college students are lazy. I believe that the child's dad is creating a stereotype for this child already at such a young age. While yes, there are some students in college who slack. Most college students work hard, to do great in college. I believe that the child shouldn't be open to such negativity about a age group at such a young age.
I had fun this week at St. Mary's, and I can't wait for our Christmas theme lab!!!

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