Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 1

Today was really the first stepping-stone in finding what grade I would be most comfortable teaching. After getting lost in the school, I finally found where I had to be and had the opportunity to meet my host teacher. She is an extremely nice lady, who is very knowledgeable in her profession. I started out my day with a study hall that my host teacher watches over. This gave me a chance to ask any questions I had, set up any interviews I wanted to do at my first school, and plan for my week. I found it interesting that my host teacher is a Cortland graduate. She talked about when she went to Cortland, and some of the professors she had. It's funny that some of those professors are still at Cortland. We also discussed about how the recent budget problems are affecting my host school. She told me that last year my host school had to cut 30 teachers, while district wide they cut 300 total positions. This was an eye opening number. 

After my first block, the second block was another planning stage. This gave me more time needed to get everything straighten out. After this, we finally headed to the gym for a class. In my host school, they have a choice of doing CPR, lifetime fitness, or square dancing for the next 5 weeks. My host teacher teaches the CPR for the third block. The students pay $15, and they must pass a test given from the American Heart Association. I thought this was awesome. I still have to take my CPR courses, and I never had the chance to do CPR in my high school. I'm glad to see a physical education program doing a CPR class. After the CPR class, we had lunch followed by the last block of the day. Again the students got to choose what they wanted to do. This block my host teacher is teaching square dance. It was fun watching the students doing square dance, and I can even relate to them because I just had dance at Cortland. I feel comfortable where I might even step up to teach a square dance warm up. I have nothing but positive things to say about my host teacher, my host school, and the physical education program after my first day. 

While I can't say anything bad about my host school, the students are a little rough at time. You see them walking around on their cell phones during switch of classes. This shocked me. When I was in high school, we couldn't have our cell phone out till the day ended. I figured that the students just wouldn't listen; to get them to cooperate during classes the students could be on their cell phones during breaks. Another thing that took me off guard was how the students talked to their teachers. Some were talking back to their teacher, another wanted to get into the locker room during class, and the teacher said no and the student got mad and said something snooty to the teacher. I can't believe the nerve of the students. I know they are not all like this, but I have to expect that a few will. I'm excited to see what day 2 brings me!

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