Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thank You St. Mary's!!!

This week was the last week at St. Mary's. It's upsetting to say goodbye to the school, and to the students who have helped me to become a better physical educator. I remember walking into St. Mary's three months ago and not knowing what to expect. I wasn't sure how the students were going to act. Once the weeks, and month went on I started to feel myself become more comfortable in my own skin. I started to feel more comfortable around the students, and even expected the unexpected out of them. When you thought you were doing good, it seemed with the older students they tried to find a way to tear your lesson apart. You just had to stay positive, and stay excited about your activity. 

This week’s theme was Christmas. While I was trying to find a game, I wanted to make sure it tied into the theme. I found a game that sounded like fun to me. It was called Cutting down the Christmas tree. The object was roll, or bounce a ball (saw) at a cone (tree) to cut down the tree. When I was trying to explain this game to my students, it seemed that they didn't want to pay attention. I found myself getting frustrated, but I had to stay positive about my game. I knew that the older kids were going to fight my game, but I just kept going on with my instructions. I even remember one kid calling it dodge ball. I stopped and said, "No we are not playing dodge ball." In their mind it was like dodge ball. To me the game wasn't anything like dodge ball. Overall, I thought the game went well. Once I got past the struggles with my instructions, I found that the kids understood how to play the game, and they were having fun playing. 

I can't believe how fast time went at St. Mary's. St. Mary's was definitely a positive experience. I am so grateful that St. Mary's opened their arms to the students at Cortland, and help us to become better teachers. St. Mary's was a place where I found myself as an educator, and definitely showed me how much I do truly love my major of physical education. Once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ST. MARY'S!!!!

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