Monday, January 23, 2012

355 Lab 1

1.) Why do class management and effective teaching go hand in hand throughout every day of teaching?
  •                      In everyday of teaching, you will have to know how to have proper classroom management. When you have good classroom management, there will be fewer disruptions in class. When you have fewer disruptions from students, your lesson will be able to go more smoothly, and will make your teaching very effective. You will be able to get your information across to students, and they are going to enjoy the class. 

2.) Why should your life of class rules be short and positive? 
  •                     Your list should be short so it gets right to the point. You don't want to have 20 rules, and students will start reading after the 5th rule. Keeping the rules short means the students are more likely to read the rules, and understand class rules. You need to keep class rules positive so the students will be welcoming to the rules, and won't be scared to act themselves. You didn't want to make the students afraid to come to class everyday. 

3.) List three reasons why students enjoy the squad square structure as well as three reasons why teachers benefit from employing the squad square structure for management. 
  •                      Students will enjoy the squad square because they are able to interact with other students, work on proper skills, and it creates a competition between the teacher and students. Teachers will benefit because they are able to work on locomotors skills, regroup the class quickly when wanting to give instructions, and able to keep students in field of view so you are aware of what every student is doing all the time. 

4.) What common elements do all of the activities in this management share? 
  •                     All of the activities work on student interaction. Some work on learning body parts, how fast they can stop, or interacting with other students. Some activities work on keeping personal space while interacting with others, while others involve interactions with other students or the teacher. They all get the students moving as well, and don't keep the students sitting all class. 

5.) How is the affective domain addressed in this lesson? How is the psychomotor domain addressed in this lesson? How is the cognitive domain addressed in this lesson? 
  •                      In the lesson, students are working on the affective domain by working with other students to form a squad, and trying to keep your personal space wile interacting with other students. The lesson works on the psychomotor domain because you can have students work on certain skills such as a gallop, a skip, or a hop while they are moving throughout the gym. The lesson works on the cognitive domain by making you stop fast and thinking quickly on the freeze position, and remembering other student’s names when you are saying hello to them while moving around the gym. 

6.) Write one activity that is related to management. 
  • The squad square is related to management. It helps you to have smooth transitions as you make students to get in their square right away and be read for the next instructions. It is also related to management by they can't more on to the next activity until they are told go by the teacher. Squad Square helps you to have more control of your class in a smaller setting. 

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