Thursday, January 26, 2012

355 Lab 2... BUZZZZ

1.) Explain why exercises such as a sit-ups and push-ups have to be modified for kindergarten and first grade students in the DVL 1 group.

  • We modify these exercises to protect the children from injury if they are not doing the exercises correctly. When they are young, they don’t know the proper technique. Modifying them would help them to start to develop the form for the exercise. If didn’t start to modify them when the children are younger, then there is risk that they could injure themselves that could affect them through their growing years. 

2.) Why is rhythmic activity important for young children?
  • Rhythmic activity is very important because it keeps the children involved and learning, while they are singing and dancing. Most classes I've seen will be playing a song, and the students do what the song says. You could see the students start to get bored. From my experiences at St. Mary's, young children love to sing and dance. While they are doing this, sometimes they are learning about parts on their bodies, the alphabet, or how to brush their teeth. It is a good way to keep the child involved and having fun while teaching them some important concepts.

3.) Define laterality and explain why tracing giant letters help reinforce cognitive learning.
  • Laterality is defined as preference that most humans have to use one side of the body over the other. Tracing giant letters can help with cognitive learning. When you are making the letters, you are thinking about how big you want to make it, how you are going to draw it. You are really thinking about every process of drawing the letter. So with tracing giant letters, you use cognitive learning significantly. Every aspect of tracing the letter with one hand or the other will make you think. 

4.) Why are educators concerned about young children not being able to keep an internal beat? 
  • As an educator, we should be concerned if children do not display an internal beat. When a child has an internal beat, then they will dance and sing to a beat that is going on in their head that an adult can't hear. So when there is no internal beat, there might be something inside the brain that is going on. This might hurt the way the child thinks, and learns. Some early signs to this might be the internal beat. It is important to watch the child to make sure they have an imagination. 

5.) Define homo-lateral and cross lateral movements. 
  • Homo-lateral movements means you are using just one side of the body to make movements. This could be getting in a push-up position, and being told to lift ups your life arm and leg. You are just using one side of your body. Cross lateral movements mean crossing over from one side of your body to another. This could be getting in the push-up position and being told to lift your left arm and right leg. 

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  1. Great Steven, can you think of other reasons why we modify push ups or sit ups for young children?