Monday, January 30, 2012

Lab 3- Low Organized Games

1.) Select one of the locomotor skills and create your own set of teaching cues. 
  • I am going to do the slide. I will tell the children to sideways with one foot as the lead foot. This could look like a sideways gallop. Then have the kid’s spread their arms out, and be ready to get some air when they are in the middle of their slide. I could even explain it as bumper cars. When you are driving and you get hit, you bounce off and go to the side, while the car continues to follow you. 

2.) Identify the specific pathways used in each of the low organized games presented in the lesson focus. 
  • The three pathways that were presented in the lesson focus were a straight pathway, circular pathway, and a zigzag pathway. 

3.) Select a topic for a class talk and outline the questions and key points that would help you to guide the class talk. 
  • I would talk with the young children about trying their hardest in PE class. It is important for them to try their hardest because I am able to grade them on how well they are doing the skills, and will learn what needs to be corrected. I would ask what does it mean to try your hardest? How hard should you really go? When should you try your hardest, and if your tired should you continue to try your hardest? What will happen if you don't try you’re hardest? I will look for responses with giving it their all, and trying 100%. Even if you have trouble, it's important to try your hardest to perform the skill. I will discuss fatigue that could happen if your tired, and how it could damage your body if you don't give it a little bit of rest. It is important for the students to try their hardest, but still watch out for the safety of their body. 

4.) Make a checklist of performance points to look for in one of the locomotor movements. 
  • Hop- Jumps off one foot, and lands on same foot. 
  • Knee is bent during take off. 
  • Free leg is pointed down toward the ground, and stays pointed down. 
  • Arms are helping 

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  1. Great work! Love the pictures and your explanations! And you are staying on top of blogging! Excellent!