Thursday, February 16, 2012

Field Experience Class 6- Feb 16th- 2nd Grade

Topic: Knowledge of Students 

After the 6th graders left, it was time for the 2nd graders to enter. From what I’ve seen with them so far, I knew that I was going to have a very talkative class, who tends to lose their attention quickly. They walked in, and I could tell that today they were going to be another talkative group.
I had them all sit in the circle, and got their attention. I let them know that we were going to continuing the unit; however a few things did change. I went over the three activities that mainly stayed the same. One is throwing a football into hoops that they are used to doing. Each time they make it in the hoop they get points. However, now if they throw from an angle, the points will double. They were closer throwing, but the angle does give them a challenge. I asked them how many points it was worth. Then told them the cone doubles their points. So I had to go over some math skills with them. Which test them because it shows me as a teacher that they know how to double points. When I got to the food plate activity, I asked them if they could name off what each category is of the food plate. They worked as class, but were able to name them all. I then asked if they could give me examples of what should be in each category. I had answer being yelled at me left and right, but I was able to hear them all. These check not only their math skills, but also their food plate knowledge.
My biggest challenge with the 2nd graders was to get their attention and hold it. When I was going over the activities, they did begin to get talkative. Asking the students for attention seemed to hold their attention for a little bit, but not the whole time. It took a few reminders from the student teacher that they were losing time from the lesson, and they are only hurting themselves. When I went to the Wii station to let them know it was a station, they just erupted. They were yelling they love that game, and what their favorite song was. I couldn’t help to smile because they were excited for the station and I knew they’d be engaged in the lesson, but I also had to get their attention fast to get them back on track. The best part of the class was when the whole class got along with each other, and had a big just dance session as a whole class.
The 2nd graders are a much bigger challenge. This group does have some behavioral issues, and they are a talkative bunch. It was important to get them into the activity, and keep the instructions short. Once they were able to get into the lesson, the whole lesson was a breeze.

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