Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Field Experience Class 7- Feb 28th- 6th Grade

Topic: Reflection on Lesson
Today, the students were doing their fitness testing. The 6th graders had to do a timed 40 yd. dash, a relay, and a standing up long jump. Watching the students I believe that all the students were performing well. I was assigned to watch the long jump and measure for them. I was glad to see that students were trying their hardest because they wanted to have good scores. You could tell by just watching the jump who does play sports or is in fitness activities, and who doesn’t have much fitness participation.

After they were done fitness testing, I brought in a little ending game where I made a deal or no deal board. I wrote up cards with different exercises, tag games, and jump rope activities that were on the back. I called on a boy, and then followed by a girl. Each of the students had to pick deal or no deal. If they choose deal, then they would have to lead the class in the exercise or activity. If they choose no deal, then they had to play me in rock, papers, and scissors. If they won the game then they didn’t have to do the exercise. However if I won, I got to choose the amount of exercise the students had to do. The students loved the game. I went into my little lesson thinking I would have a problem with the students over picking no deal. However when it came to it, most of the students were picking deal. It seemed like the students liked to have their classmates do exercises. It was fun to have the students really into the game, and yelling at each other if they should pick deal or no deal.

I believe my mini lesson went well. I loved how the students were playing a game, and was having fun with it. They were cooperating as a class, and there were no behavior issues during the game. Also, the students showed that they enjoyed doing exercises in class. I figured that they really wouldn’t want to do the exercises I wrote on the cards. However, the students loved to lead their fellow classmates in the exercise. I enjoyed teaching them the game, and leading them through it. I am just as excited that they were so welcoming to the game. I will bring this game into another class setting, and hope that the class is just as welcoming.

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