Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Field Experience Class 8- Feb 28- Grade 2

Topic: Skill Themes and Students Abilities

After the 6th graders left, it was time for the 2nd graders to come in. I knew that the scores would be different, however I was pretty surprised. I stayed at the long jump section of the fitness testing. I knew that the numbers would be lower; however I was surprised when one student got to around 58 in their long jump. I believe that fitness testing is very important in schools. We need fitness testing because it will show the students how flexible and fit they were, but also will show administration how well their staff is doing when they see the testing scores. 

After they were done fitness testing, I brought in my Deal or No deal game with them. I had different cards for the 2nd graders. These cards consisted of activities like jump rope, tag games, and numerous motor skill activities. It is very important to bring skill themes into a grade like the 2nd graders because they are still developing their skills. The students had to do activities like hoping on one foot. They showed that they were pretty good at hopping. They also picked a card that said to jump for 10 times. They had no problems with jumping. The only thing that worried me was then it came to sliding. The card said to slide down and back once. I had a few students ask me what a slide was. This worried me. I figured that most of the students should already have their skills down, and they should be practicing them in school. When the students ask me what a slide was, this worried me because they are second graders and should know how to slide. I thought well maybe they haven’t covered it, or maybe they just don’t get enough practice at it. After showing them how to perform a slide, most of the students knew what I was talking about, and were able to perform a slide. They did well with their skills for their age group, and I believe schools should be practicing skills more in the gym at a younger age, then working on sport themed activities.

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