Thursday, February 2, 2012

Field Experience Day 1- Feb 2nd

Topic: Communication with Colleagues

Today I started my 355-field experience. There were some nerves that are to be expected. When I walked in, my host teacher and a student teacher already had to gym set up. They had the gym set up in stations, which challenge the students in many ways to try their best, and see if they can beat the scores that they heard on the announcements. It was time for the 6th graders to come into class, and you see could see the excitement as they walked in. They were all thinking what was going on, and even started to read the assignment on the walls. Once the teacher got started, the students were able to do many activities. They included how many steps could they got in 10 seconds, how many pucks could they shoot into a hockey goal, and a couple of relay games to keep them going. After everyone completed the stage, they were able to move on. You could hear the 6th graders cheering each other one to try to make them do their best. I feel like this is going to be a very welcoming experience. I was able to take some ideas out of the lesson that I observed today, and I could defiantly use them in my own classroom.

One thing I found interesting was how my master teaching communicates with fellow colleagues. I was able to observe a 3rd grade class who is known for behavior issues. This group likes to talk, and not listen to the teacher. So when the children go to special area, they have a sheet that follows them and the teacher is able to write down who was disruptive in class. I believe that this communication and cooperation from other teachers is very important. This sheet is a great way for behavior management.  Together, both teachers are trying to lower the amount of distraction in the classroom. This sheet allows the teacher to punish those who are actually creating disruptions, and not those who aren’t doing anything. Behavioral management is very important, and that’s why it’s important to have the communication with other colleagues. Together, they can get a problem fixed, and in the long run it is going to benefit the student. 

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  1. Great reflection! Watch you spelling at times.