Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Field Experience Day 2- Feb. 7th

Topic: Assessment of Student Learning

Day 2, was more exciting than day 1. I was able to work with the 6th graders again running a station. They are currently in a unit called minute to win it. They have different stations that they have to complete. I was able to run a pin shuffle race. The students had to run back and forth from poly spots and transfer the pins. This required them to run as fast as they can, and gave me more interaction with the students and opportunities to learn names. These 6th graders came in very loud and talkative. I had to introduce myself, and because of my last name there were a few jokes. They are children, and this is what is expected from children. Once they got into the lesson, they calmed down a little. They were more focused on completing the station, and having fun with their friends. I had some talk with my master teacher, and the student teacher and both told me that the students love the stations. They said that the kids were talking about P.E. in class, and how much they love to take part in the lesson. At a meeting, the other teachers told the P.E. teachers just how much the students are talking about the class. This is a great thing. Usually, we are looked at as a lazy class who just lets their students run around. It was nice to hear about P.E. getting more recognition in the school. It shows that there is a positive about P.E. and the student do truly enjoy it.

During the lesson, the students are responsible for assessing themselves. They right down their information from each station, and at the end earn points through a point system. This is a great way to assess students. Students are able to learn exactly how they performed right away, and they will get rewarded for a positive performance. The teachers are able to watch every station because they don’t have to mark down what is going on after every student. The students even have to write down exactly what muscle group they are working on. This makes the students think, and the teachers can even assess the students based on if they get the answer correctly. I believe the best type of assessment is to allow students to find out how they performed right away. They get instant feedback. This even helps the teachers because they see how the students performed and can assess them off those numbers, or they can watch them and assess them visually. My master teacher has done a great job to create a fun but different lesson, and has done a great job to put together an assessment form to assess students.

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