Thursday, February 9, 2012

Field Experience Day 3- Feb. 9th

Today for field experience, I helped out with the student teacher to continue the student’s minute to win it unit, and I played a few of the games with the students. I walked in and saw a different set up. I was wondering what was going on. I was talking to my master teacher, and she told me that they were going to change the activities just about every week so the students aren’t doing the same things over and over again, and don’t get bored. Today’s minute to win it lesson tested many skills such as tossing and throwing, throwing through a target, running a relay, and trying to stack cups in a minute. The relay requires students to look under a spot, and try to find a matching picture. This working on students memory, and their shapes and colors. You could see the students were enjoying the lesson, and the unit as a whole.

I helped out with the 6th graders, and also stayed for the 2nd graders after. The 2nd graders aren’t timed against the clock. The students could take their time to build, and actually they started to work together to build the highest pyramid out of cups. It really helps the students to start to learn the meaning of teamwork.  The second graders also get to move in closer and limited number of footballs that they have to throw through the hoops. I thought working with the second graders was awesome. They are working with their throwing skills, and hand eye coordination trying to catch. I enjoyed taking part in the lesson with the students, and learning their names.

Another thing that excited me about the school is how much the students are really talking about the unit. They have posters outside of the gym where students can check their rankings for the day, and how well they are doing compared to other groups. There was one class who was out in the hallway, and they stopped and had to look at the charts. The teacher came in and complemented my master teacher. She told my master teacher about how many the students are talking about the unit, and how excited they are to come to P.E. every day. This is great! She even thanked my host teacher. She is happy that the kids are doing something fun when the weather gets bad, and this is a great thing to be doing. P.E. really doesn’t get much talk inside of schools, and to have other teachers coming up to thank my host teacher is amazing. This is the way that P.E. should be, and the students should be excited to come to class every day.

I am looking forward to continue to work with the students. I am excited to run a warm up next week, and do another warm up in the jump for heart unit. Things are just getting better and better, and I am excited to be working at my host school!

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