Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Field Experience Day 4- Feb 14th

Topic: Management Strategies

As today was Valentine’s Day, it was expected that the children would be all energized. The 6th graders did come in and were ready to go. This is one of the last classes that the students are going to be doing the unit, until they move onto fitness testing. Over the past couple weeks, you could tell just how much the students were truly enjoying this unit. Do to the fact it was a special day, and they probably had some candy before, I walked into the school not knowing what to expect. I asked my master teacher how this class is going to be. She told me that they were going to be energized, but they will be under control.

As a teacher, it is a challenge to keep the children under control. This is where classroom management, and behavior management comes in. You could tell that the student teacher was having a hard problem keeping the children on task. There was a mishap, and a bug was in the gym. The children started to go crazy because of the bug. This got the children off topic. However, the student teacher did a great job reminding the children to quiet down. He also told them that if they were going to keep on talking, then they are just losing more time from the lesson. I had to walk around to a few students and ask them to sit down and pay attention. They listened, but in order to control the student’s behavior, it might just take a quick reminder. There were a few kids that kept talking. It took a few reminders from me, the host teacher, and the student teacher to have them quiet. They were told that if they didn’t quiet down, they were going to be forced out of the lesson. None of the students want to sit out this unit that they love. Classroom management has been a positive point at my school. The teachers are aware of what the students are doing at all times, and keeping students out of danger. Together, there are three teachers at a time in the gym. All the eyes scanning the gym is making sure that the students stay on task, and everyone gets the required task completed.

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