Monday, February 20, 2012

Lab 10: Teaching

1.) Reflect upon your lab teaching experience. Describe your teaching strengths and weaknesses for teaching in this lab.
  • I believe that my teaching experience today went pretty good. It seemed like when I entered the gym that the nerves started to set in. However, I have been through this before so it came to me as just set up the equipment and be ready to teach. I believe there are many things that I did well. I believe that my feedback was good. I made sure to give every student a piece of feedback. Also, I believe that my instructions were clear so the students knew what we were looking for today, and knew how we were going to achieve our goals for the lesson. There are a few things I could have done better. I should have come prepared with props, however it didn’t hit me until 2 hours before my lesson. Another thing I could have done better was getting engaged with the students in the lesson. I gave them feedback, however I could have picked up a jump rope and done the activities with them.

2.) Identify one of your most effective teachers. What teaching behaviors did you admire most in the way he/she taught?
  • One of the most effective teachers has to be my high school math teacher Mrs. Jones. Mrs. Jones made sure that the students understood the information. What I admire the most is the way that she got students involved in the lesson. She would explain what we were learning. Then she would have everyone go to the board and everyone would do the same problem together. If someone didn’t understand, she could see that from his or her answer and was always willing to give him or her help. I admire how she got the students involved.

3.) What goals will you set for yourself as you prepare to teach in the Education 355 Field Experience?
  • I have many goals that I can set for myself. The first one is to make an effective lesson focus. I am going to write my lesson plan up as if I was the student but from the teacher aspect. I want the students to have fun with my lesson, but still learn what I am trying to teach them. If I don’t think I would have had fun with the lesson when I was a child, then the students I am teaching won’t have fun in the lesson.  Another goal is feedback. I want to make sure I am able to give every student a piece of feedback. It is important to give the students feedback so they can be rewarded for their hard work. My final goal would be to have no dead time. I want to make sure that every student is involved in the lesson all the time. I don’t want there to be students standing around and watching. 

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  1. great goals you set! I am glad you had a good
    experience and found your strengths as well as areas you want to work on. You are becoming a reflective teacher.Great post