Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lab 4- Bean Bag Challenges

1.) Explain how a unit based on lessons of this nature would serve as a foundation for acquiring specialized throwing and catching skills.
  • The use of beanbags in the lesson is very important. While the students are having fun with the beanbags, they are also practicing their throwing and catching skills. The beanbags are soft for the students, so it is easier to catch. The beanbags can be thrown high, and still won’t hurt the students on their way down. As a physical education teacher, we want to have students practice skills, while still being safe. The beanbags are a great way to practice throwing and catching skills, while ensuring that everyone is safe.

2.) Identify a theme that could be applied to health hopping appropriate for young children.
  • I would do a bunny theme. I would have the students practice their hopping around in a circle, and each stations would could as an amount of carrots. If the students were able to successfully complete the station, then they will earn a certain number of carrots (points). I wouldn’t award a group, but the whole class at the end would get an egg filled with a prize.

3.) Design a checklist of critical elements to look for when observing a child performing a locomotor movement.
  • I would make a checklist for hopping. I would grade it out of 4 points. If the student can jumps off one foot, and lands on the same foot, that’s a point. Knees are bent during take off is another point. The free leg is pointed down toward the ground and stays pointed are another point. Finally arms help but doing a swinging motion is the final point. The students would lose points based on what motions they are doing incorrectly.

4.) Two Beanbag Games
  • Beanbag Toss: Many items of different sizes will be spread throughout the gym. The goal is to stand in a predetermined distance, and make it into the different size targets. The smaller the targets, the more point’s students will earn. The bigger the target, then the less point’s students will earn. This is will practice the students under hand throw.

  • Spin O Rama: Students will work in partners. There will be a 10 ft. high bar.  Students will have to practice on timing as one student will have to spin three times before catching the bean bag. The other student will have to be aware of the right time to toss the beanbag. Other challenges could include doing 5 jumping 

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