Monday, February 13, 2012

Lab 7- Hula Hoops

1.) Explain three important benefits of hoop play.
  • Hoop play has many positive benefits. 
  • The first is it helps to develop hand-eye coordination. 
  • The second is it helps to develop foot-eye coordination. 
  • The final benefit is body awareness.

2.) Give an example of how hoops can be used to reinforce a cognitive concept linked with classroom learning.
  • Hoops can be used when students are learning the clock in the classroom. The younger children will have a hard time at learning the clock. You could try to teach them using the hoop. They will be able learn how to read a clock because the teacher could announce a number, and the students could put their body in the general area of that number on a clock. Also, students could use one part of their body for the hour like their hand, and could put their leg at the minute section, so this could help students to learn time.

3.) Describe how hoops can be utilized to promote growth in the affective domain.
  • Hula-hoops can be very important in the affective domain. When we are using hula-hoops, we can do activities where students have to get in the same hoop together. This requires that students need to open up, and communicate with other students do get everyone to fit. Another way is when you are exchanging hula-hoops through the air. You need to communicate with your partner, and let them know what side to throw to and when to throw. Another way is when you are playing a game such like twister on the hula-hoops. You need to be in close other people, and communicate to doing the required action. All these can promote growth in the affective domain.

4.) Utilize the internet to gather information about ponds and related ecology to use in your field experience teaching or future teaching.

  • We could use the hula-hoops and tie them into ecology. We could have the students act like they are frogs. The hula-hoops will be the lily pads. We could have the students try to jump from Hula-Hoop to Hula-Hoop throughout the gym. You could even see how many frogs you can get on the lily pads. You could also have them act as fish. As this they would have to move around the lily pads. You could even do a short fishing unit. You would talk about the type on animals in a pond, and bring in activity where the students have to catch a fish. (fake of course) 

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