Monday, February 27, 2012

Lesson Planning

1.) Observe elementary students in a formal or informal play setting as they play any sport such as basketball, soccer, tennis, ect. Utilize the four stages of game play to carefully determine what stage represents their level of play. Provide a break written description of their skill level and stage of play. Write a three to five recommendations for steps that could be taken to improve their level of play.

  • I watched a number of elementary kids play basketball. The group I watched was a group of 3rd graders. They were combining most of their skills by dribbling, and shooting. They were at level 2. They started to show that they could put the skills together, and didn’t put an emphasis on rules. They showed the sequence of the proper form, but still had a little bit of awkward movements. In order to get these children to the next level, I believe that they have to continue to keep using the skills in relationship with each other. They have to keep dribbling and shooting, but they are going to have to bring in a partner to pass too. Another thing that the students could do is adding defenders. They could play a game like 2 on 1, or small 3 on 3 games where students do play offense and defense. The last thing that the students could do is to maintain possession, and make 3 good passes before they can shoot. This requires the students to continue to work on their skills, but also requires them to move the ball around to get a player open with the defenders.  

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