Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Field Experience- Class 10- March 6- Grade 2

Just like the 6th graders, the 2nd graders were doing a jumping for heart day. However, the 2nd graders don’t have to bring in donations. To start the class, we had to make sure that all the students knew exactly how to jump rope. While there were a few who were very talented with the jump rope, there were also some who had trouble. We taught them how to start jump roping, but after a while we had to remind them to keep they’re hands down near their hips, and not near their head. Also, many were trying to go fast, when all they have to do is slow down.

We taught the 2nd graders many activities. From going backwards, to going side to side. I also did the push up position with them, however it looked a little different but I was happy they were attempting to do it.

There was one student who was having trouble jump roping. He decided to sit on the side because he was getting frustrated. I went over and talked to him. I asked him to jump rope for me. I saw that he was keeping his arms need his head, and was trying to go too fast. I asked him to lower his arms, and to slow down a bit. He started to do better, and was able to get about 5 jumps in a row. He was getting frustrated that he could continue to jump. I had to explain to him that it is ok to stop, as long as you are able to jump the rope, that you have accomplished your mission. He told me that he use to be a good jump roper, but now he isn’t. It took a little bit of encouragement, but after a while you could tell that he was enjoying jump roping.

Also, a lady from the American Heart Association stopped into talk to the 2nd graders. She taught them many different routines, which I even found to be difficult. She did this one where you put your left leg over the rope, and put your right leg over your right hand. It was extremely hard to do, and I couldn’t even do it correctly. She was full of energy, and you could see the kids loved her being in the school. Before the students left, she thanked the students for giving it their all, and that is important to have a healthy heart, because it leads to a healthy life. 

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