Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Field Experience- Class 11- March 20- Grade 6

After a long break from the 6th graders, I was excited to get back into my experience. However, today was a little different. I was expecting to see the 6th graders that I have been working with for the past 4 weeks. However, due to the school being off on Friday the schedule was all changed. I ended up seeing a 6th grade class that I have never seen, and it felt like I was starting over. I started to learn about the children again, and tried to learn the names fast. 

When we got the students together, it seemed like this class was different from my other classes. This class was more talkative, and wouldn’t really listen. We started with a core warm up. The 6th graders continued to talk. Then they moved into their game which they called team survivor. The students separated into 4 different teams, each with a different colored piney. The goal of the game was to have one team surviving. We gave the students a ball which they had to bounce pass to their teammates. In order to knock the other teams out, they had to throw the ball at their lower legs. When the student was hit, the student had to sit down. The only way that the students could get back up, was if one of their teammates that was still in the game passed the ball to them. The students were loud. They were yelling at each other, and throwing the ball harder then what they should have been. Over and over again we reminded the students to quiet down. Also, people were throwing the ball to a different color team. This meant that no team was going to sit down. 

I did finally figure out what I am going to be teaching, and how I am going to do my pre-test, and post-test. I am going to be doing the skill of throwing. Next week I will plan out an activity to have the students throw, and I will assess how they throw. The week after that, I will move them into their handball unit. This will be my full class lesson. This will really help me to assess how proficient they are at throwing. I am planning to give the students a test after to test their knowledge on the sport of handball, throwing, and how well they interacted with other students. I am really excited to see how this is going to go, and I really hope the students enjoy it!

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