Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Field Experience- Class 12- March 20- Grade 2

Topic: Students with Special Needs

After the 6th graders left, it was time for the 2nd graders to come in. I was nervous that it was going to see a different 2nd grade class. However, it is a class that I have seen before and am really interested it. 

Many of these students have special needs. A lot of them have behavior issues, and a few seemed to be highly medicated for their behavior. You can tell that this class is full of behavior issues from just watching them. Many of the students argue a lot, and they tend have trouble getting along for the whole class. Today wasn’t much different. They started their warm up, that ran into a few issues. Then they also got into team survivor. There is one kid in the class who I will name Joe. He has behavior issues, where he can’t calm down. He was playing the game and he was the only one left on his team. He came up and started to complain that he couldn’t get the ball, and he was the only one left. I tried to explain that he needed to catch the ball, or try to get the ball. He said that people were just going to throw at him, and he was going to get out. You could tell that he was about to cry. I had to tell him that it was going to be ok, and just try his best. In another game he gets knocked out. The ball got deflected off one student, and hit him in the arm. It was a 5 second delay, and then he went to hold his face. He was starting to tear up. We had to remind him that if he needed to go to the nurse he could for an ice pack, but there weren’t any marks so he was ok. There is also another girl who I will name Emily. She has behavior issues as well, and always tends to argue with Joe. This class is made up of 19 students, and about 14 of them have some kind of behavior issues. It tends to push your buttons, but you need to remind them to quiet down and listen.

I am going into class on Thursday, to watch this same 2nd grade class in their classroom setting. I am excited to see how the teacher is able to handle the situations with the students, and interested to see how the students act in a classroom setting.

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