Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Field Experience- Class 14- March 27- Grade 6

         Today was a big day for me. Today I was able to do my pre-assessment of the 6th graders performing the throwing motion. When it came to planning what activities I wanted to do, I wanted to make sure to give the students enough practice so I could evaluate what level they are at with their throwing motion. I had the students start out by throwing a beanbag at the wall. It was a smaller object, which means it should be easier for the students to throw. While one student was throwing the other was giving them feedback on how well they are throwing. After the beanbags, I had the students move up to small gator balls. These might give students a challenge, but still they should be able to throw the ball. Most of the students didn’t have a problem throwing the gator ball. I then gave them a bigger round ball, which provided a challenge for them. You could see that many of the students couldn’t grip the ball all the way, and they were having trouble throwing the ball with the proper technique. While I expected most of the students to be able to throw the ball with the proper formation, I wanted to see where the class as a whole is. The students are moving into their team handball unit next week, and throwing is a big component of the game.  After I was done assessing the students, I gave them a little game where they could continue to practice their throwing. This game is called Catch 100. The goal of the game is to get the students to throw the ball back and forth, without it hitting the ground. They have to be able to do 100 throws, before the class found a winner.

            I saw what I expected to see today. I knew that most of the children would be able to throw the ball at a high level. After a while the students started to get bored, so would start to get off task. I have to remind them that I had to assess their throwing ability, so I know how a class as a whole would be able to handle the team handball unit. Overall, I feel like today went well. I feel like the student accepted the task of throwing the balls back and forth without complaining. Next week when I do my team handball lesson, I am going to start with a little activity that gets the students to practice throwing on the move like they are going to be doing. 

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