Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Field Experience – Class 15 – March 27- Grade 2

             Today the 2nd graders came in as talkative as always. This class a whole tends to be a very talkative group. We started out with a quick warm up which was called toilet tag. Two students were it while everyone ran around. The students seemed to like this tag game.

            After our warm up, we moved them into the main activity, which helped the students to practice on their throwing. The activity was called clean up my backyard. There were balls placed in the middle of the gym, and the students had to throw them from side to side while students on the other team tries to catch the balls. The 2nd graders knew that they were just practicing their throwing by throwing the balls in the air, and not at each other. Before we got to the main activity, I lead the students in a step-by-step way of how to perform the throwing technique. I told the students that they wanted to create their T formation first, and then turn their hips (turn to the side) while still being in the T formation. Next the students had to step with their front foot, or the foot that is opposite of their throwing hand. Finally the students wanted to follow through. I was worried about how the students were going to do on the throwing formation because they were going to be more interested in the game rather than how to throw correctly. However, what I saw pleased me as a physical educator. I saw many students not focusing exactly on the game, but they wanted to improve their skills. Many students were taking time to create the T, and then turn to the side just as I taught them. This made me feel good. I was proud of the student for trying it out, and you could really see that they were able to throw better.

            Seeing that this class has problems with talking, we took 5 minutes at the end to talk about sportsmanship, and to say something good that someone on the other team did. While I heard some great things from the students, when they were asked to say something they saw well about someone, the students just froze. So I took the opportunity to tell the students how pleased I was with their throwing motion. I mentioned a few students who I was pleased with actually taking the time to practice their throwing. While most of the students didn’t want to see what good sportsmanship looks like, we told them that next class they need to bring ideas on what good sportsmanship looks like. I was pleased with the effort of the students, and how involved they were in the lesson even though it did take sometime to quiet down. 

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