Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Field Experience- Class 9- March 6- Grade 6

Seeing that I will be away in Boston next week for the National P.E. Convention, I took this week as an opportunity to stay ahead of my field experience. Today the 6th graders were doing the Jumping for Heart. The 3rd- 6th graders bring in donations if possible that go to the American Heart Association.

While I was told that donations were low so far, the students do have a few more weeks to donate money. The students walked in, and were able to warm up alone. Then they were taught some different activities to do with the jump rope. Seeing that I had experience from teaching jump rope in 255, I could think of many different ones that the students could do. The student teacher didn’t a couple routines. He had them swing the rope on the side, and then jump through it. He also had them do the front cross, by creating an X at the elbows then jump. I saw that the students were doing it easily. So I introduced them to the push up jump rope. The students have to get into the push up position, and then propel themselves forward and jump. The students looked like they were having fun, however some were having trouble with it.

I believe that jumping for heart is a great idea. It not only raises money for a good cause, but many teachers don’t involve jump rope units in schools. I am excited to go to Boston, and find some ideas that I can bring back with me. When I get back, the 6th graders will be in either a handball or floor hockey unit, where my real teaching will occur. 

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