Thursday, March 22, 2012

Field Experience- Day 13- March 22- Grade 2

Topic: Classroom Visitation 

Today, I took the opportunity to go into a classroom setting and watch how this second grade class. This second grade class at the school has always caught my attention. They do have many people who have social behavior issues. Sometimes these students tend to clash with each other. However, I wanted to see how they were in the classroom. I wanted to see if they were going to be loud. I wanted to see if they were going to times where they yell, or if they are quiet most of the time. The teacher was very welcoming, and was excited to see me in her classroom. I can't thank her enough for allowing me to come in, and giving me the opportunity to watch these students outside of physical education class.

1.       How is the classroom arranged and decorate?
a.       When I walked in, I felt as though the classroom was very welcoming. The seats were placed in the middle with each student’s name on the seat. On the outside of the classroom were many posters for each subject the students were going to do. In the back of the classroom was the science area. There were posters about the planets, and the earth. In the front of the classroom were a white board, and many different visual aids that the teacher and students use. They had a calendar area, and a place for the weather. In the front right corner of the room, was a carpet where the students did their opening song, and had a morning story time. The classroom was not naked. Many posters and work that students have done to get the students to feel comfortable, and more welcomed in the room.
2.       How is the classroom differ from the gymnasium as an educational setting?
a.       The classroom is more decorated. There are a lot more visual aids, and is almost more appealing for both the teacher and the students. Also the classroom is a lot smaller. In a gymnasium you need room for the students to move around. The classroom is also a little bit more structured. In the gymnasium the students are able to do the activity, and be a little talkative. In the classroom the students always need to be quiet, and pay attention to the teacher.
3.       How would you describe the classroom atmosphere?
a.       The classroom was very loud. It took a lot of patient to sit in this second grade classroom. Most students had behavioral issues of some sort. When you put these together, they all tend to class. So the classroom atmosphere was very welcoming to guest, however it was very loud at the same time. There is a reason why I did want to attend this 2nd grade class. I was interested to see how they acted in the classroom.
4.       What was the topic and structure of the portion of the lesson you observed?
a.       I went into the classroom in the beginning of the day. The students all started at their desk, and then they all moved to the carpet for a beginning song. They moved into a little hot potato game, and stayed on the carpet for a story. After they went back to their desk which are placed in the middle, and worked on their suffixes. The teacher would give them a word and they had to put ed,er,est,or s on the end of the word.
5.       How would you describe the language and literacy levels of the students?
a.       Giving that the students are 2nd graders, I would say that their language and literacy levels are at the beginner level. They are still learning the language, and with the spelling section they had an opportunity to work on their language. I would say that these students are right on track with where 2nd graders should be. They tend sometimes to make mistakes, but that is expected from them.
6.       How did the teacher engage the students in the lesson segment that you observed?
a.       The teacher danced with the students. It gets the students excited, and started to dance as well. She also started the hot potato game, which she was the first one to be knocked out. The students were pretty excited to see her be the first one knocked out. She also read the story to them. During spelling, she would call students to say the word with the suffix, and ask them to use it in a sentence. She is very engaged in her classroom.
7.       How would you describe the social behaviors of students in this age group?
a.       The class that I observed seemed to get along pretty well. It seems different when they are in physical education class because they tend to sometimes have a few problems. This class is also has many students with social behavior issues. They will talk to each other, however sometimes students will yell out answers over other students. It would make the classroom setting very loud. The students do show that they have social behaviors, but sometimes it takes some patience to see the proper social behaviors.
8.       What did you learn from this observation that will help you teach this age group more effectively?
a.       I learned that everything needs to be explained to the students. You need to provide the students with details of what is exactly asked from them. Also, it takes a lot of patience to work with the 2nd graders. They tend to listen, however can get off task fast. You need to keep your instructions short.  Also, sometimes you just need to wait. You can try holding up your hand, or clapping and the students will continue to talk. You just might need to wait till they calm themselves down before you can move on.
9.       What other insights did you gain from this observation?
a.       I learned that the students do in fact act differently in the classroom setting versus a gymnasium. In the classroom the students tend to talk but usually have no way to get their energy out. When they come to physical education class, the students are excited but they calm down fast because they know that they are going to be moving around. So the classroom setting usually takes longer for them to quiet down.

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