Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Field Experience-Class 16- April 3- Grade 6

Topic: Curriculum and NYS Standards

Today, I walked in a tad bit nervous. Today was my day to lead the student’s through a whole 40-minute lesson. I know that the students are older, and they might find no point to my lesson. However, I went in with the mindset that the students were going to be excited just as much as I was to be teaching. The previous week I was able to do my pre-assessment of the students in the throwing motion. I made activities that had to do with throwing, as well as did a little team handball unit as my host teacher wanted to start.
The students walked in today, and they saw that I had built forts out of hula-hoops. Some student’s knew what we were doing to do, while others were asking what was going on. I took a minute to explain to the students how to build the forts, and then told them about how we were going to play. Most students couldn’t wait to play. I had to remind the students that this is not dodge ball, and you are throwing at the hoops and not someone else. I did inform the students that if I saw them throwing intentionally at someone else, then we were going to end the game. Also, I told them they can rebuild, but if they can’t rebuild before they all get knocked down then the other team wins. I was going to choose teams, until the boys informed me they wanted to do boys against girls. I told the students that I was going to split them up, but the girls insisted to let them play boys against girls. I agreed, and figured give it a few and then I’d have to change the teams. To my amaze, the girls won the first, and the second round. The boy finally won the next two rounds, and the students had a tiebreaker. The girls actually won the game, and I was happy to get a friendly competition that didn’t turn into a nasty game of dodge ball. When I ended the game, I actually had a student ask me if they could continue to play because they didn’t want to play the dumb game that might follow.

During team handball, I was able to do my post assessment of the students throwing motion. From last week, I knew that most of the students were already at the utilization level. This means that they know the proper throwing motion, however sometimes it might look off, but they are doing the right technique and motion. I did see some improvement in the students throwing motion from last week, however most of the students stayed at about the same level. I didn’t expect the students to improve much, as they have had a great amount practice at throwing while growing up. 

When I was planning my lesson plan for this week, I to follow the NYS standards. I had to make sure that were was a psychomotor objective, affective objective, and a cognitive objective.  I focused my psychomotor objective on NYS standard 1A. I wanted to see the students perform the basic motor skill of throwing. They should also after my lesson to be competent in how to throw, and how to play the sport of team handball. My affective objective was focused on NYS standard 2. I wanted to see the students demonstrate responsible personal, and social behavior while doing the day’s activities. Most the students did respect each other, and they all demonstrated responsible personal behaviors. My cognitive objective was based off NYS standard 1. I wanted the students to think about the proper way of throwing, and how it should look. All the students understood how a throw should look, and were able to tell me something about the throwing technique.

We were able to play 10 minutes of team handball. I had to explain the rules to the students, and also how many dribbles, steps, seconds, and passes they needed. The students have played this in past years, so they knew mostly what to do. I was impressed with the student’s effort today, and how well they were able to get along and encourage each other. I can’t wait for two more weeks, as it will be my last day at Tully, and my final lesson to teach. 

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