Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Field Experience- Class 17- April 3- Grade 2

Today, the second graders entered as talkative as always. We did an Easter game with the students, were they had to find the matching bunny color under a hidden cone. The students had to work together as a team to find the matching bunny. It took a little while to get the students going, and for them to calm down. However, once they were into the lesson, they were doing great. When the child had to go down and back before they could look for the bunny, we had them perform a certain motor skill. We had the student’s hop, run, leap, and skip. I was impressed with the student’s effort today in class, and you could see they were having fun.

Last week we asked the students to think about what it meant to be a good sport. Their classroom teacher also turned it into a writing assignment. It was nice to see the two subjects come together in the school. All of the students work is located outside of the gym for other students to read. We took the last 5 minutes of class to talk about being a good sport. Most of the students told me that they don’t cheat or lie. Many other students also said that being a good sport means saying good job after a classmate does something, and never yelling at each other. I was very happy with the answers that the second graders gave to me. The second grade class sometimes tends to forget about how to be a good sport. Sometimes they argue with each other, or like last week try to blame a lost on someone else. It was a very nice assignment for the students to do, and they all gave great answers. 

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