Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Field Experience- Class 18- April 17- Grade 6

It has been a while since I have been at my field experience due to their spring break. I walked in today ready to teach my second lesson, and to do my cognitive and affective assessments.

The students came in as excited as they usually are. I told them that we were going to continue our team handball unit from before break. Before that I did a little opening activity where the student played a throwing tag game. This was to get the students moving right away, and ready for the game. After the tag game we did some stretching, and a few fitness activities. We then broke up with a partner and practiced throwing to make our partner move. This meant that the students have to aim for a stop on the side of their partner, in front of their partner, or behind their partner. This got the students to practice their throwing, before moving into our team handball game.The students remembered everything before break about the rules. They knew how many players were on the court, and how to rotate in and out subs. I did make some errors on my calls as the ref, and the students let me hear about it. That is what makes the game fun for both students and teacher, that there will be some argument.

After their team handball game, it was time to do the assessments. During the affective assessment, it was just asking them about their sportsmanship, respect and honesty of the class. I didn’t see any problems with the class where they had to be addressed. For the cognitive test, the questions were related to the throwing technique, sportsmanship, and team handball. During the assessments, I made sure to read the questions aloud for all the students. I was aware that some students might need extra time, or need questions read aloud so I did it for the class. Also, even though I demonstrated for the pre-assessment, I made sure to demonstrate the proper throwing technique again.

Over the past 8 weeks, I have got to know the students and staff at Tully Elementary. I had the privileged to work with a wonderful host teacher, who provided me feedback and support on my lessons and throughout the past 8 weeks. The students who I got to know very well gave it everything they had during my lesson, even if sometimes they didn’t understand the reason we were doing some things. I also enjoyed how well every student got along in both 6th, and 2nd grade. The students never left another student out, or bullied each other. I had a great time at Tully Elementary, and I will miss them. Thank you Tully!!

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