Tuesday, May 8, 2012

End of Semester Reflection

While all good things must come to an end, you wish some would not. I was provided the opportunity by Professor Yang this semester to T.A. not only for 255, but also 201. I am so thankful for the opportunity that he has provided for me. This semester was a great learning block. Not only did it refresh all the teaching steps from 255, but also it helped me to grow to lead others through the course. This is a great benefit for me. I was able to lead students through the semester and help them with whatever help they would need. If you would ask my three students for 255, they would tell you that I was there for them no matter what, and I was there to answer any questions they had.
For 201, it was more of a challenge. You had to get other teacher candidates to open up to the students at St. Mary’s, and interact with them. As the 201 semester went on, you defiantly could see my T.A. group starting to become more comfortable with the students. The biggest challenge was trying to make sure that there were appropriate activities to run, however I believe all the 201 students did a great job finding age appropriate activities.
This semester also provided me with many experiences that I am lost for words on. This semester I was able to go to Boston, and help out at the National Physical Education Convention. On the Tuesday of the convention, I helped out with Professor Yang, and many other Cortland students, and Exergaming professionals to put on an Exergaming demonstration. This opened my eyes to just how many teachers see the same vision that I see for the future of P.E. I also had the opportunity to meet a student from South Florida, who was shocked to find out that we had over 700 students in our program, while they only had 16. Even though the convention didn’t go on as planned due to a massive fire, I am still thankful for being able to attend the one day and get to meet so many different professionals from different backgrounds.
However, this semester did end with some sad news. Professor Yang made the announcement that he wouldn’t be returning next year. This hit home for me. Over the past two semesters Professor Yang has provided me with many opportunities and experiences that I am so grateful for. Also, as I have told him, I don’t know if I would be where I am today without him. Two semesters ago, I walked into Cortland’s park center trying to find myself in the major I got accepted into. I wanted to go for coaching, but figured to go into physical education. The first day Professor Yang talked about his excitement for physical education, and if we are there for coaching then we are in the wrong major. This set me back. I was close to dropping out of Cortland. However, his energy throughout the year excited me. I met the kids at St. Mary’s, and it opened me up. I grew to love the physical education program, and it all started with Professor Yang’s excitement. I have came to know Professor Yang personally, and I can say I have never met a better man, or a better professional who was able to find the best in me, and helped me to grow along the way. I am upset about Professor Yang departure, but I know I will stay in touch with him, and this isn’t goodbye, but it is I’ll see you soon. I would once again thank him for the opportunities he has provided me with this semester. Best of luck in the future! I know I will see you soon!

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